Healing Away From Your Home

For families experiencing proximity to addiction, one of the most pressing questions is that of finding an inpatient treatment center that is genuinely effective in its approach, and treatment that is guided by sincere compassion for every single individual.

At Freeman House, we understand the stresses and strains facing families and partners who want the very best for a loved one, and we also understand the emotions that accompany critical decisions like these: often, a sense of hopefulness is mingled with guarded caution against expecting too much – and that is perfectly normal.

Addiction, as we know, is almost never just a simple case of physical substance dependence. There are often layers of complexity, hurts and traumas that sometimes remain hidden, and environmental or emotional triggers that need to be reckoned with as well.


When it becomes obvious that families can no longer cope, an inpatient treatment center becomes absolutely necessary – and Freeman House is one of the very best choices you can make. Placing an individual in a new environment removes many of the social prompts that trigger addictive behaviour, and if that environment conveys beauty, hope, and a radically positive shift in expectation (coupled with the right kind of support), the effect is surprisingly powerful.

For us, the key lies in retaining those elements that enable a resident to feel at home – a sense of community, a familiar culture, and a feeling of emotional comfort and security – while subtly removing the external elements that induce alienation or temptation. In other words, our approach is to create an environment that is very specifically designed to support healing, wholeness, coherence, and restoration within individuals.

Successful inpatient rehab is our speciality, with a well-coordinated and caring team of professionals who understand how to help every guest along the path to long-term recovery. To start with, we fully subscribe to the tried and proven 12-step program formula, along with other modalities that are hailed worldwide as the gold standard in care and rehabilitation.

This is where Freeman House comes into its own as an inpatient treatment centre. By highlighting a wide range of interests and activities ranging from meditation and Yoga to art therapy, drama instruction, and safe, mindful martial arts practice (among others), we offer guests the opportunity to become immersed in pursuits that awaken the often-dormant recognition of personal potential. By offering each individual the opportunity to exercise control and creativity over these aspects of their lives, we lay the foundation for an expanded sense of control over other, more impactful, areas of their lives – and in doing so, we pave the way for a return to a well-adjusted life.

Statistics show that a good quality inpatient rehab for men is one of the most effective interventions available, with a higher rate of success than instances where families make the decision to “ride out” the behavioural peaks and troughs of individuals who are prone to substance dependence in a home environment. In addition to the risk of sometimes inadvertently causing greater alienation to the individual, the family or partner is also exposed to an enormous amount of stress and uncertainty as part of the process. There is a long-term cost here: financial, emotional, relational, and societal. And, even in the event of successful home rehabilitation, the relapse rate is still significantly higher.

The process of normalization very often requires working through issues that have caused great stress or hurt to all parties involved, and without an impartial third party to act as a facilitator, family interventions can often become sources of even greater resistance and withdrawal from an affected individual.

The option of placing a loved one in a neutral, compassionate, and healing environment is one that every family affected by addiction should seriously consider. To borrow an old but very true cliché, if a plant is struggling to grow, you don’t focus on the plant, you focus on the soil and the environment – and very often, a simple transplant into healthy soil is the most obvious solution.


By assisting a loved one to recover away from home, surrounded by nurturing people and conditions that promote healing, a family is also able to take stock – because recovery is equally necessary for families and communities, too.

Freeman House is a kosher inpatient treatment center that offers an international drug treatment program, accompanied by expert compassionate care, in the midst of the natural beauty and tranquillity of one of South Africa’s most scenic areas. It is, truly, a place where peace is found and healing is fostered – and you have the reassurance of knowing that your loved one will be cared for and supported every step of the way.

Discover expert, first-world care in the heart of South Africa, and know that every day spent here is a powerfully positive step toward full recovery, accompanied by the support of an expert team who are deeply invested in seeing the recovery and restoration of every single guest.

Take the first step, and contact us today to find out more the facilities offered for inpatients.