Family Support Programs For Addicts

We Offer Family Support For Addicts And Alcoholics

Extened Post Care treatment

“No man is an island unto himself” and sustainable recovery will require the loving and patient support of your family. For families of people suffering from addiction and comorbid conditions, discussions about what addiction is, enmeshment, co-dependence, and healthy boundaries are helpful starting points for their own wellness journey and will assist with ongoing recovery.

Our family program involves:

Weekly meetings

Once a week, you will meet with the focal counsellor to receive feedback on your loved one’s progress in recovery.

‍Family Education and Support meetings

This group is for families of addicts and will be both supportive and educational in nature. There is so much support available for addicts, but often their loved ones feel lost and alone. This group will offer educational workshops about concepts like co-dependency, enabling, and the like, as well as a safe and supportive space, to connect with other families with similar struggles.

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