Brad Webster-

Brad Webster

Head Counsellor

Addiction has played a very personal role in Brad’s life. Being a recovering addict himself, Brad has been in recovery since 2009, with experience that ranges from working in treatment centers as an inpatient addictions counselor to being an educator in the field of addiction by training future counselors wanting to work in the addiction field. Brad holds addiction recovery close to his heart. “The biggest reward as a counselor is to see a person who has once been hopeless turn their lives around and create a life of peace free from substances and destruction.” Brad is an International Certified Alcohol & Drug Counsellor (ICADC) and a member of BAPSA (Board of Addiction Professionals South Africa), which means he meets the criteria both locally and internationally for being an addiction professional. “Through ongoing education, supervision, and successful application thereof, clients and their families ultimately get the benefit of my experience.”
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