12 Steps To Recovery

We Offer The AA's 12 Step Program

Freeman House Recovery is built on the Minnesota Model, which incorporates AA’s 12-step program into a holistic addiction recovery program. The 12-step program is well known as a successful approach to addiction recovery, with meetings held by countless communities around the world. 12-step recovery is built on two basic premises: firstly, the acknowledgement of a Higher Power greater than oneself; and secondly, that addicts recover best when helping other addicts. 12-step programs are free, but they rely on volunteer sponsors who may have limited time for the recovering addict. Freeman House Recovery is able to fast-track recovery with our inpatient 12-step treatment program as well as the hands-on guidance of professional counsellors.

At Freeman House Recovery, we are not prescriptive about religion. You will have the freedom to create your own spiritual path and relationship with your Higher Power.

The opposite of addiction is connection, and that’s why a connection to your Higher Power is so transformative. Connection to others and belonging to a worldwide community will also facilitate recovery and healing.